• Gourmet Brownie Flavors

    Coco Loco Brownies are baked with the finest ingredients. They come to you individually wrapped and will satisfy your chocolate craving. All products are free of trans fats and preservatives.

    Choose from an assortment of delicious brownie flavors!
  • Original
    The Original

    A chewy, dark fudge brownie baked to perfection and topped with chocolate chips.

  • Walnut Fudge
    Walnut Fudge

    Our original dense, fudgey brownie baked with walnuts. A perfect way to add omega 3s to your diet!

  • Rasberry White Chocolate
    Raspberry White Chocolate

    A true delicacy. Raspberry puree swirled into our rich brownie, then drizzled with white chocolate.

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