Our Brownie Flavors

The Original

A chewy, dark fudge brownie baked to perfection and topped with mini chocolate chips.

Walnut Fudge

Dense fudgy brownie baked with walnuts. A perfect way to add omega 3s to your diet!

Raspberry White Chocolate

A true delicacy. Raspberry puree swirled into our rich brownie added with white chocolate chips.

Peanut Butter

What could be better than a decadent, rich and chewy brownie? One swirled with peanut butter!

Toffee Crunch

Bits of buttery toffee crunch candy baked into a chocolate brownie. The perfect combination.

Chocolate Mint

Fudgy brownies infused with mint and topped with mini chocolate chips and crushed peppermints.  

Baked Fresh to Order!

No Additives or Preservatives.

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